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About Gene
Jimi, Eric, Mike Bloomfield, Johnny Winter, Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Duane Allman, Adrian Belew, Frank Zappa, Blues Saraceno, Dweezil Zappa, Joe Satriani, Alvin Lee, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Robin Trower, Eric Johnson. My close and personal friends; Alan Brown, Scott Davis, Mark Barrow, Steve Elbert, Kevin Wilson. And of course, last but not least, THE BEATLES.

My goal is to use my experience and talent to continue my live music career. I want to develop my singing ability and continue to find new ways to use the guitar as an instrument of expression (and destruction). 4-6 nights/ month would work just fine thanks. I'm also actively pursuing session work , web audio, gaming soundtracks, jamming, and lessons.

   Email me for more information or to set up an audition.


   Born when the world was innocent, in Hollywood California.

   The only son of 4 kids of Russian immigrant parents. I'm a first generation American and speak, read, and write Russian.

   At about 9 years old I decided I wanted to learn to play the Clarinet. This is a foreign instrument to my parents. They sign me up for Piano lessons. I do abuut 5 years of Piano.The only cool Piano piece I learned was the funeral march, it had a good beat.

   Saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. My older sisters were screaming Beatlemaniacs. I didn't scream but I was impressed.

   I got my first Guitar at 16. Bought and paid for by myself with no help or encouragement from the people. I learned to play by listening to records, jamming with friends, and a Mel Bay chord book. I spent hours at it, 8 - 10 at a time. It really captured my imagination, the damn thing.

   Went Electric a year later and got a Gibson SG Jr. I played through my Dad's Knight Kit Hi-Fi amp and an open speaker. I sold my darkroom equipment and got a Fender Showman Amp. Wow!

The next 15 years spent learning the instrument and playing all kinds of music in all kinds of...

   Bands! Rock n' Roll: We covered Cream, Mott the Hoople, Hendrix, Bad Company, Johnny Winter, Chuck Berry, Deep Purple, Ten Years After.

   More bands! Soul, Disco, Funk: We covered Earth Wind and Fire, Brothers J, KC, Lionel Ritchie, Maze, Marley.

   More Bands! Rock n'Roll reprise: We covered Springstein, Lindley, Knack, Romantics, Huey Lewis.

   Solo Career
Recording orginals:
  • A long day at the Beach (cassette)
  • Inland Empire (cassette)
  • Merican Yooth (cd)

   Last two years:
Peavey JSX Satriani 120 watt head and Marshall 1960av 4x12.
I've had every guitar, just about, I've settled on the Peavey Wolfgang.I'm looking at the Peavey HP Special CT.
This is my current rig.

Email me for more information or to set up and audition.

Gear I've known and loved:
   Orlando Acoustic guitar
   Gibson SG Jr.
   Fender Showman Amp
   Gibson ES-345 Stereo semi-hollow electric guitar.
   Acoustic 150 amp.
   Fender Bassman amp (white).
   Peavy Mace Amp.
   Fender Mustang guitar.
   Washburn EA-20 Acoustic guitar.
   Steinberger Spirit Electric guitar.
   ART SGX guitar pre-amp.
   Steinberger GL4TA electric guitar.
   Line 6 Fextone II amp and speaker cab.
   Fender MusicMaster Bass.
   Kay Bass guitar.
   Kramer Baretta.
   Ibanez JS-1000
   Peavey Wolfgang.
   Peavey JSX
   Marshall TSL-100
   Ground Control Floorboard
   Peavey HP Special CT Quilt top
   Univibe pedal